Here’s Why Pediatric Dentists are Perfect for Children of All Ages

The American Academy of pediatric dentistry encourage his parents to establish dental homes for their child even before their first tooth emerges in the mouth. However, many people do not know what a dental home is or why it’s important. Your Bella Smiles dentist can handle any dental problem your child has from the time their first tooth emerges.

Extensive Pediatric Training

A pediatric dentist has several years of special training that allows them to care for young children as well as adolescents. Your child’s teeth are important, especially when they have just come in, so you can relax knowing that our dental office professionals have the skills and training needed to take care of your child’s teeth.

Knowledgeable Guidance

As the teeth grow in, smiles change over time. Your pediatric dentist is an expert at managing growing smiles and making sure that they are healthy. We can also guide parents and provide you with advice on preserving the oral health of your child as well as yourself. There is not one smile that is the same as the other, and we have a mission to guide all of our patients to oral success.

Early Diagnoses

There are a lot of common issues that children may experience while their teeth are growing in. Our dental professionals understand this and know exactly how to compact many of the common issues that children experience. These include gum disease, early childhood carries, halitosis, and tooth decay. All these issues require specific treatment and care regimens from a pediatric dentist and we can provide that.

Exclusive Care for Children

From the very first tooth that emerges in their mouth, we can help your child maintain a healthy smile that lasts until they move on to a general dentist that can handle adult dental issues. We can help your child establish healthy brushing habits, encourage flossing, and provide dietary tips and information that will help their teeth stay healthy for a lifetime.

Does Your Family Have a Dental Home?

A dental home gives your child a place to go when they experience any dental issues. If you want to improve your child’s oral health, visit children’s dentistry Bella Smiles.