A Sugarland Dentist Explains the Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

As one of the greater Houston area’s premier family and cosmetic dental practices, we know that every patient has a different requirement concerning not only their general dental health but unique requirements to enhance the appearance of their smiles, as well.

For some, a simple lightening of the color of their teeth might be enough to boost their self-confidence by creating a more youthful appearance. Others reading this may desire their teeth to be more even in their shape and size, or their gum line sculpted and contoured.

But whatever cosmetic enhancement you’ve been considering for your smile makeover in Sugarland, we hope the following insight into some of the more popular forms of cosmetic dentistry will help you make an informed decision.

If you still have questions after reading this, our dental care team would love to provide you with the information you need to move you close to achieving the attractive smile you dream of!

Let’s Talk About Basic Oral Health First

Getting cosmetic dental work can be equated to another healthcare practice, like taking care of your skin. Instead of trying to cover up flaws in your complexion with concealer or other products, your best line of defense is preventative skincare.

The same is true with cosmetic dentistry. Without a proper foundation of good oral health, dentists will not perform enhancements such as dental veneers, tooth bonding, or any other procedures that would fail on a mouth that contains decay or disease.

For that reason, it is always recommended that you first treat conditions such as tooth decay or gum disease before moving on to any cosmetic dental enhancement.

The easiest way to stay ahead of potential delays in your smile makeover is to adhere to a twice-a-year preventative dentistry appointment. If it’s been more than six months since your last dental exam in Sugarland, we invite you to make an appointment with Bella Smiles today to get back on track and discuss your cosmetic dentistry treatment plan at the same time.

An Overview of the Most Common Cosmetic Dentistry in Sugarland, TX

We’ve already taken a look at the most common benefits from cosmetic dentistry – to help boost your self-confidence and create a more youthful appearance. But what are some of the most common procedures used to achieve these goals?

Professional Tooth Whitening

By far, the quickest smile makeover treatment is a professional tooth whitening. When bleaching is performed in a dentist’s office instead of the painstaking time it takes for over-the-counter products to work, you can attain a smile that’s up to eight shades whiter in as little as one appointment. At Bella Smiles, we use an innovative procedure called the GLO whitening system.

Dental Bonding

The next in line for most popular cosmetic dental procedures is dental bonding. Not only is the procedure one of the least minimally invasive ways to correct misshaped or damaged teeth, but it can be performed on patients of all ages without the need for drilling. Patients who are especially sensitive to the sounds of a dentist office truly appreciate this non-invasive option. But, speaking of dental anxiety, Bella Smiles has helped countless patients receive the dental care they need with the help of sedation dentistry in Sugarland – and we’d love to help you, too!

Dental Implants

Another popular cosmetic dental procedure is one that has the most long-lasting results: a dental implant. Whether you’re missing one or more teeth, there are a number of different dental implant procedures that cosmetic dentists can perform to fill the gap in your smile. The procedure for a dental implant in Sugarland can take several months to complete, but it is by far the most durable method for tooth replacement since successful implants can last a lifetime!

Tooth Contouring and Reshaping

A final option we’d like to comment on is tooth contouring and reshaping. Do you think that too much of your gums show when you smile? Are some of your teeth chipped, misshapen, or slightly overlapped? If so, you are a prime candidate for this procedure! Not only will the procedure create a more even appearance in your smile, but evenly shaped teeth are easier to clean and less prone to decay – which brings us back to basic oral health that we’ve already mentioned.

Wondering What You Can Do to Promote Oral Health While Also Enhancing Your Smile?

Contact Cosmetic dentist in Sugar Land  today to learn even more ways to utilize cosmetic dentistry as a benefit to maintaining the health of your smile for years to come!

All of the Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a specialized field that focuses on fixing the overall appearance of the teeth through procedures like whitening, repositioning, and aligning. Most dentists typically engage in some form of cosmetic dentistry in addition to preventative and restorative procedures to help patients feel their absolute best. This field has numerous benefits, including raising a patient’s confidence. One of the most common is helping to correct what the patient views as imperfections to help people feel more comfortable with their smiles.

What Procedures Count as Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a broad term, but all of the procedures are designed to benefit patients by helping them feel their best. The most common ones are whitening, reshaping, dental bonding, installing implants, and placing veneers.

Teeth whitening is a procedure that has grown in demand over the last two decades as technology has advanced. During whitening, your dentist applies a special material that works as a dental bleach. It sits for a short period of time and is then removed, revealing noticeably whiter teeth. This is a great way to help you eliminate unwanted staining caused by the consumption of colored beverages such as soda, tea, and coffee.

Tooth shaping is another important cosmetic procedure that also has practical applications. Sometimes when teeth grow, they are crooked, jagged, or overall misshapen. This can lead to the teeth failing to fit together properly. In this case, the dentist can scrape and reshape the teeth to eliminate chips, jagged edges, and unevenness to help the jaw fit together properly. Reshaping is typically done in conjunction with bonding to create a full set.

Bonding refers to the process where a dental composite is applied to the teeth, sculpted, and then allowed to harden. The material allows dentists to cap jagged teeth or help create an even surface, so the jaw settles properly. Although classified as a cosmetic procedure, bonding also works as a restorative one since it can be used to help the function of the teeth. It is also frequently used for fixing cracks.

Implants are when false teeth are installed to replace ones that are missing. This is frequently seen as a cosmetic move, but can also be done to help people stop their teeth from shifting. It is also done to help realign the jaw and bite. It is different from the installation of veneers, which are thin shells placed over the teeth to improve their appearance.

The Benefits of Procedures

As you can see, most cosmetic procedures are designed to improve aesthetics but are also significant for health improvement. Many people don’t realize just how significant the alignment and straightness of the teeth are to overall health and wellness. Incorrect placement or jaw alignment can often lead to greater issues, such as the weakening of the gums or damage to the joint that connects the jaw to the rest of the skull.

While many people seek out cosmetic dentistry to beautify their smile, it can also be done to replace missing teeth and help stop common problems like gum scraping, the development of pockets in the gums, and decay from teeth not being cleaned properly because of their shape and placement. If these sound like issues you have because your teeth are not properly aligned, then cosmetic dentistry could be for you.

How to Receive Treatment

The most crucial step in receiving any kind of cosmetic treatment is identifying a skilled and qualified dentist to work on your mouth. It’s important to find someone who you can build a relationship with, as many procedures require an intimate knowledge of your mouth, its alignment, and your overall oral health.

If you’re seeking a cosmetic dentist in Sugar Land with years of experience, then look no further than Bella Smiles. Our experienced professionals offer some of the latest in procedures and technology, focusing on developing comprehensive plans for treatment. Whether you’re seeking a basic whitening, implants, or even the installation of new porcelain veneers, we are here for you.

For more information, please call our office and schedule an appointment to meet with someone today. We guarantee you’ll enjoy our office and superior customer service in addition to feeling like your smile has never been better.