Cosmetic Dentistry—Your Pathway to A Better Smile

Misaligned, crooked, discolored, chipped, or missing teeth affect not only your dental health but also your appearance. Furthermore, missing teeth cause some of your teeth to shift, thus wearing down the surrounding teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can help solve the problem.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry is any procedure that improves the appearance of your teeth and bites. The different cosmetic treatments focus on improving color, shape, size, position, and alignment of the teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry falls under prosthodontics and is performed by a prosthodontist, although general dentists can do simple procedures.

Aesthetic treatment can fix a variety of problems:

  • Chipped teeth which make your bite irregular and increases the risk of gum infection
  • Crooked teeth and cracked teeth
  • Discoloration

The Different Aesthetic Treatments

Before she performs any cosmetic improvement, Dr. Gibson will assess your dental health and guide you in choosing the right treatment.

Some of the treatments offered at Bella Smiles include:

  1. Dental Implants

    Implants are a permanent dental solution for fixing missing teeth. The implants provide a perfect alternative to veneers, bridges, and removable dentures. Dental implants are more expensive than most of the other dental treatments, but on the upside, they support bone growth.

  2. The implants are comprised of a titanium screw that is fixed to the jawbone, an abutment which connects the implants, and a crown.

    This surgical procedure is done in various steps:

    • An initial consultation that involves dental examination and assessment
    • Fixing of the implant and taking an impression of the teeth
    • Creation of the dentures and placement of the abutment
    • Placement of the crown
    • Follow-up
  3. Dental Bonding

    Bonding can improve the look and functionality of chipped, cracked, or broken teeth. A composite resin is used to fill small cavities and to protect exposed teeth. This procedure is done on a single dental visit as it requires no teeth preparation.

  4. Bonding offers various benefits such as:

    • Ideal for minor cosmetic imperfections
    • The porcelain composite resin has a natural tooth color, and it blends with your smile
    • It is noninvasive and has a little discomfort

    Composite resin can last for years, but it is still subject to chipping, discoloration, and discoloration.

  5. Veneers

    Porcelain veneers are custom, hard, thin shells that are designed to substitute the tooth enamel. These veneers are bonded to the enamel to mask dental imperfection, such as cracked, chipped, teeth, and gaps.

    Porcelain veneers are well tolerated by most people, have a natural-looking appearance, and are easy to maintain.

    Veneers can last for a decade if maintained properly, but you will need to replace them at some point. Unlike most of the dental treatments, veneers are irreversible as it required grinding of the enamel, which doesn’t grow back.

  6. Teeth whitening

    Overuse of coffee, tea, and smoking can discolor our teeth over time, creating the need for teeth whitening. At Bella Smiles, we offer two treatment options—in-office and take-home kit that can reverse the effect of discoloration.

    We also use Guided Light Optic whitening technology that accelerates the process and creates little or no tooth sensitivity.

  7. Teeth reshaping and contouring

    Tooth reshaping is a cosmetic technique that changes the shape, length, or surface of the tooth. The dentist uses a drill the teeth to smoothen or reshape the look.

At times, tooth reshaping can be done with bonding where a tooth-colored composite resin is applied over the affected area to give the tooth a desirable shape.

Teeth contouring helps to create an evenly shaped tooth, which makes them easy to clean. Additionally, it is an inexpensive solution, and it offers little discomfort.

Make an Appointment

A smile says a lot about you, and that’s why we offer a smile makeover. We have a variety of aesthetic solutions to help fix any dental need that you might have.

Are you ready for a smile transformation? Schedule an appointment with Bella Smiles and Cosmetic Dentistry. We will assess your oral health and determine which cosmetic solution is best suitable for you.

What Precisely Constitutes As a Dental Emergency?

Medical emergencies can occur at any time but most people are aware when they need to seek emergency services. There is however a grey area on the types of mishaps that qualify for an emergency visit to a service provider. If you are facing what you believe is a dental emergency you can discuss the matter with the dentist near you to understand whether you need to contact a dental emergency in Ajax Ontario immediately or can it wait until your next appointment.

What Can Be Considered As a Dental Emergency?

If you are suffering from a toothache or sensitivity in your teeth you cannot consider these issues as dental emergencies. They certainly need to be looked at but do not need immediate attention from emergency dentistry. It is your responsibility to have information about these matters to understand whether the problem you are facing needs immediate treatment or can wait until your next appointment with the dentist. In some cases, it may be better to have the dentist intervene in the problem for providing an immediate fix perhaps to restore the tooth or treat the infection to improve your oral health.

Tooth Fractures Need Emergency Care

Many people do not consider contacting their dentist beyond office hours if they are only dealing with minor problems. However, dentists are frequently receiving calls from patients for the most common emergency in the form of a displaced or a fractured tooth.

A tooth fracture can happen in many different ways such as falling off from a bicycle or becoming involved in contact sports. A tooth can crack even after a dental procedure like a root canal. Taking preventive action when playing contact sports is suggested by dentists for preventing traumatic injuries. The measures can include wearing a mouthguard to significantly lower the risks of damaging teeth from collisions and falls. However, people that managed to displace or break their teeth are advised to consider this as a dental emergency that needs attention from dentist L1Z 0T4 at the earliest.

Dental Emergencies Can Also Be In the Form of Oral Infections

Some Serious oral infections can also be considered as a dental emergency. Infections like cold sores and gingivitis need medical attention but do not constitute emergencies. However, if swelling is observed around the jawline or under the mouth which is also causing difficulties with breathing and swallowing it can be a sign of Ludwig’s Angina. This is an infection that occurs on the floor of the mouth below the tongue. This is a condition that requires emergency care as the bacteria from the infection can move from the oral cavity to the pericardial tissue around the heart. However, this cannot be considered a dental emergency because it needs attention from a medical professional.

Infections of other types that are painful and even interfere with the sleep after receiving treatment from over-the-counter medication would be a reason to contact dentist Ajax ON immediately. It must be understood that such infections are typically in advanced stages which would have been treated easily if you had visited your dentist earlier. Dentists recommend scheduling a dental appointment whenever people feel pain in their oral cavities because it is the best stage to provide preventive medicine rather than have the patient undergo emergency dental care. These conditions are best managed when people do not overlook the need to visit their dentist at least twice a year for examinations and cleanings as the visits can help them to understand whether they are likely to encounter a dental emergency soon.

Dental emergencies are not incidents of minor problems that people may encounter when conducting their daily activities. Some bleeding from the gums or lips cannot be considered as a dental emergency. However, the bleeding should not be ignored because it could be an indication of a major issue that could affect the mouth of the people. A minor injury can also attract bacteria in the mouth and lead to infections. People need to be able to determine the difference between a dental emergency and a minor injury. While they cannot treat every injury as an emergency they must also ensure that they take proper care of their oral hygiene by maintaining their biannual visits to their dentist to report any or all problems they had faced or are facing and receive the treatment needed.