3 Reasons Why Dental Implants are the New “Gold Standard”

3 Reasons Why Dental Implants are the New “Gold Standard”

Aug 22, 2018

Today we will be talking about dental implants, as the gold standard for smile makeover. When thinking of the best and most reliable of options, Dental professionals all agree that implants are both of these things. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why many of us agree that implants are the best route for those looking to enhance their smile and their life.

Implants Have a High Success Rate

Dental implants have been in use for over 40 years now, and they have been demonstrated to have a 95% success rate. Even today, with the advancement of technology and techniques, implant procedures are more predictable with improved long-term outcomes and exceptional strategies to achieve a natural-looking smile.

An Implant Can Last a Lifetime

Dental implants post-surgery are able to integrate with the surrounding bone and tissue over a period of approximately several months. During this process, the implant becomes an integral and permanent part of your dental structure. Just like with the rest of your teeth and gums, proper oral hygiene and routine dental cleanings and exams will ensure that the implant lasts a lifetime.

Bone Degeneration

The root of a tooth shares a special relationship with your jaw bone, in which the presence of one stimulates the maintenance of the other. In order to keep bone degeneration from happening, dental implants move into the mouth when missing teeth threaten the integrity of your teeth and bone structure.

If dental implants are something that you’ve been thinking about and would like the advice of a dental professional, feel free to give our office at Bella Smiles a call in Sugar Land, Texas, and we would be more than happy to address any concerns and answer any questions you or family member may have.

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