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How Do You Treat Gum Burns after Teeth Whitening?

Jun 05, 2022

If you experience burns inside your mouth after having hot foods, you will know that the irritation of the soft tissues in your mouth is no laughing matter. Unfortunately, hot foods and drinks are not [...]

Can You Get Porcelain Veneers If You Have Gum Disease?

Jun 01, 2022

There isn’t one if you’re looking for a simple yes or no answer to the title question. While it’s true that a dentist can perform a porcelain veneer procedure on a patient with gum d [...]

How Dental Bonding Can Help Your Smile

Apr 07, 2022

Even when a cracked or chipped tooth doesn’t hurt, it could be aesthetically unappealing and impair your bite function. Luckily, dental bonding is an excellent solution for minor dental flaws. C [...]

Can You Sleep with Partial Dentures?

Apr 01, 2022

The short answer to whether or not it is safe to sleep with partial dentures is, “no,” but we encourage you to keep reading to learn why. You’ll also learn more about what alternativ [...]

Dental Bridges Vs. Dental Implants: Which one is Better?

Mar 01, 2022

Your dentist might recommend replacing your lost teeth or damaged ones with a dental bridge or implant. However, you might be curious which option is best for you. Your dental professional can help yo [...]

Dental Reshaping: How This Pain-free Procedure Works

Feb 01, 2022

Did you know that you can improve your teeth’ appearance and boost your self-confidence by undergoing a tooth reshaping procedure? Although braces too can be used to improve one’s smile, t [...]

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