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Cosmetic Dentistry in Sugar Land, TX

We all want great-looking smiles. But sometimes things happen, and our smile does not look its best. Stains, discoloration, damage, and other problems can destroy our smiles. If this happens to you, you need a cosmetic dentist near you.

Bella Smiles Cosmetic and Family Dentistry has cosmetic dentistry in Sugar Land, TX, that can handle all of your dental aesthetic needs. We work hard to give our patients the smiles they want and deserve. As part of that, we offer a wide range of treatment options just for you.

Here is an overview of the services our cosmetic dentist in Sugar Land, TX, can provide you.

Bella Smile Makeover

A Bella Smile Makeover is not your traditional dental service; it is a comprehensive service plan that is directed at giving you back a smile you want. When you visit us at Bella Smiles Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, you’ll meet with a member of our team and discuss your specific needs. From there, our fantastic doctors and team members will help come up with treatments and cosmetic solutions to help you reach your goals.

We’ll plan out your cosmetic treatments from start to finish and review the results you’ll see to ensure that once treatment is complete, you’ll have just the smile you wanted.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding may be the right solution for you if you have teeth that are chipped, cracked, or misshapen. Dental bonding is a procedure that uses a special material to reshape teeth to look more natural and contoured in a way that not only fits your mouth but looks great.

The way the process works, our dentist will examine your teeth for imperfections such as chips and cracks. Once the surface of the teeth is properly prepared, the dentist will apply the dental resin to the tooth. The tooth is then sanded, shaped, and tinted to match your natural teeth. This process can be applied to patients of all ages and can be molded and reshaped if needed, so there is no worry about a bad-looking tooth.

Dental Implants

One of the most devastating things that can happen for many patients is to suffer the loss of a tooth. Thankfully, dental implant technology makes it so that no matter how many teeth a patient misses, they can get them back permanently with a new implant.

There are two basic options when it comes to dental implants. The first option is the single tooth implant. This option allows the patient to replace a single missing tooth while the other natural teeth remain intact.

The second option is a full arch or full mouth restoration. This option replaces multiple missing teeth simultaneously, up to an entire mouthful. Traumatic tooth loss can be devastating for a patient’s self-esteem and quality of life, but now it doesn’t have to be, thanks to dental implants at Bella Smiles Cosmetic and Family Dentistry.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a great option to make misshapen or discolored teeth more aesthetically pleasing. They also form a protective barrier that helps prevent future damage to your teeth.

A veneer is a layer of porcelain placed over the teeth’ surface and made to look like real natural teeth. This is a great option for patients that want a better-looking smile or want to keep their smile looking great while they have cosmetic work done.

Teeth Whitening

One of our most popular services, teeth whitening at a dentist, is much different than those store-bought whitening trays or strips. We use a potent blend of whitening chemicals and technology to reach deep into teeth to reach stains that other options simply can’t.

Our dental grade teeth whitening can get teeth many shades whiter than at-home options in less time and with less effort. Bella Smiles Cosmetic, and Family Dentistry has you covered when you just want your smile to be as white as it can be.

Tooth Contouring and Reshaping

Having a tooth that is rough, jagged, distorted, or just too big can ruin the look of your smile. That’s why one of our services is to have your tooth reshaped or contoured to look smooth and natural.

Our dentist will use a dental sander to remove the outer layer of the tooth’s surface to gradually and gently alter your tooth to a more natural shape or to smooth out the rough surface of a jagged tooth.

Don’t hesitate to get the smile you want; contact us today and make an appointment.

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