Fix Your Teeth with Tooth Reshaping

Fix Your Teeth with Tooth Reshaping

Jul 01, 2019

If you’ve been worrying about how your smile looks and wished your teeth were shaped better, then visit Bella Smiles to learn about tooth reshaping. Tooth shaping is used in cosmetic dentistry to help patients achieve a smile they love. For more information, visit a Bella Smiles office near you or continue reading to learn more about tooth shaping.

What is tooth reshaping?

Tooth shaping, also known as dental contouring, is used by cosmetic dentists to enhance the appearance of your teeth.

How is tooth reshaping done?

Your dentist will look for signs that your teeth cannot handle reshaping. If none are found, a tiny bit of your enamel will be removed, and the tooth will be shaped to your exact specifications.

What are the differences between tooth reshaping and bonding?

Tooth reshaping involves removing the enamel from your tooth while bonding is when composite resin that matches the color of your teeth is used to make them look better.

Advantages of tooth reshaping

Tooth reshaping doesn’t take long, and the results are instant. The procedure involves no pain because none of the nerves in the tooth are being altered. The results are permanent, and you could see plaque prevented due to there being less hard to reach crevices in teeth.

Disadvantages of tooth reshaping

Tooth reshaping can be used on different kinds of small cosmetic dental issues. The results are often very subtle, and reshaping may not help teeth that are misshapen or crooked. The enamel will be weakened as well, due to the removal of enamel.

Cosmetic dental issues that can be corrected with tooth reshaping

Several cosmetic issues can be corrected, including:

  • Small chips in teeth
  • Leveling out bulges or uneven areas in the teeth
  • Making slight adjustments to straighten teeth
  • Adjusting the canines so that they are level to teeth

Is tooth reshaping for me?

If you need more than simple cosmetic adjustments, then you should speak with your dentist about other options for enhancing your smile.

Caring for your teeth after tooth reshaping

You will need to be careful when eating or drinking for a while and will need to avoid hard foods. Speak with a dentist for more information.

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