Is dental fluoride treatment necessary?

Is dental fluoride treatment necessary?

Aug 13, 2021

Having healthy teeth is the goal of everyone. For this reason, dentists conduct numerous dental procedures on patients to achieve healthy, strong, and attractive teeth. You can prevent expensive dental procedures using fluoride. Fluoride is available naturally and is still administered medically.

From time to time, dentists recommend a dental fluoride treatment. Although there has a considerable debate about the treatment, fluoride has proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be highly effective in achieving healthy teeth. You might be wondering whether fluoride treatment is necessary for you. This article unwraps dental fluoride treatment and helps you understand whether you need it.

Understanding dental fluoride

Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally. Fluoride is available in topical or systemic form. It’s one of the most effective compounds that aids in the prevention of tooth decay. Since human teeth lose minerals frequently due to sugars, bacteria, and acids available in the mouth, fluoride restores the minerals in the enamel, thus making it more resistant to wearing by bacteria. It also can revert early signs of tooth decay.

Topical fluoride

Topical fluoride forms a protective cover on the teeth, thus protecting them against bacteria. It is available in various forms, such as toothpaste, varnishes, and mouth rinses. Although you can apply topical fluoride at home, some treatments have to be used by the dentist.

Systemic fluoride

Unlike topical fluoride, systemic fluoride is ingested and absorbed into the teeth structures. Systemic fluoride is available naturally or artificially. Significant sources of systemic fluoride include dietary supplements, community water supplies, saliva, and fortified food products.

Fluoride and drinking water

Fluoride is usually naturally available in groundwater. The volume of fluoride in drinking water is adjusted to recommended levels through a process called fluoridation. Fluoridated water is sufficient to maintain healthy and strong teeth. Dental fluoride treatment is, however, advisable to minimize tooth decay.

Types of topical dental fluoride treatments

Dentists may recommend fluoride treatment to be administered clinically and at home, depending on tooth decay probabilities. Dental fluoride treatments have a higher fluoride percentage than over-the-counter.

  • Fluoridated mouth rinses used at home
  • High-fluoride prescription gel or toothpaste for home use
  • Fluoride foams, varnishes, and gels administered at the dental clinic

Benefits of fluoride treatments

Fluoride has benefits when used by both adults and children. Combining both systemic and topical fluoride guarantees the best results. Some advantages of fluoride include;

  • Reverses early signs of tooth decay
  • Kids and adolescents receiving fluoride treatments have minimal chances of tooth decay or developing cavities
  • Fluoride restrengthens the enamel via remineralization
  • Teeth treated with fluoride are highly resistant to acid attacks from plaque bacteria
  • Fluoride halts current teeth decay and bars it from proceeding

Who can use fluoride treatment?

Dentists recommend the use of fluoride patients by everyone donning natural teeth. Additional fluoride treatment may be needs in certain situations.

  • Patients with frequent cases of cavities
  • Individuals with sensitive teeth may require fluoride treatment to minimize the sensitivity
  • If you experience early signs of cavity formation or tooth decay
  • If you have received cosmetic dentistry (dental crowns, bridges, and braces)
  • Children looking to prevent tooth decay from an early stage
  • If you are inconsistent with your oral hygiene at home

Risk factors of fluoride treatment

  • Individuals with dental fluorosis should not undergo any form of fluoride treatment
  • Teeth with a high fluoride content are naturally resistant to cavities and teeth decay. Depending on the content of fluoride, you can do without fluoride toothpaste.
  • Patients suffering from skeletal fluorosis are also highly discouraged from using fluoride.
  • Kids should only have it administered by a pediatric dentist. Also, parents should supervise their kids when brushing their teeth with fluoride toothpaste.

Do you need a fluoride treatment?

Fluoride treatment plays a very critical role in cavity treatment and prevention. Using fluoridated water and fluoride toothpaste puts you in a safe place against dental threats such as plaque, bacteria, and teeth decay. Are fluoride treatments safe? This question must be running in your mind. Fluoride treatments are completely safe for adults and children. Clinical administration coupled up with parental supervision is needed in the case of kids.

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