Laser Dentistry: How It Can Transform Your Dental Experience

Laser Dentistry: How It Can Transform Your Dental Experience

Aug 01, 2020

The dental field keeps on revolutionizing every single day. This is because experts in this field are continually looking for ways to eradicate painful procedures to make patients feel more comfortable during dental procedures.

A lot of dental anxiety and phobia cases in patients can be linked to previous dental experiences. If you have ever undergone a painful dental experience before, you might be anxious to ever sit comfortably again in a dental chair.

At our dentistry, we understand how patients can be unsettled by the thought of having to endure painful procedures no matter how necessary.

That is why our dentist in Sugarland, TX, strives to embrace technological advancements within the dental field, designed to eliminate pain and discomfort in patients and enhance precision during dental procedures.

One of the technological advancements that are currently helping us transform our patients’ dental experiences is laser dentistry.

You might be wondering what this is and what it entails, so let’s find out.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

This involves the use of lasers to precisely alter, reshape, or remove both hard and soft tissues during dental procedures.

During the procedure, focused beams of light are used to resize, reshape, or remove small amounts of the targeted tissue. The use of lasers provides our patients with a minimally invasive option of undergoing dental surgical operations.

Different types of lasers, such as the water laser dentistry, have been particularly helpful in dealing with anxious patients and pediatric patients. This is because they fear the sight of a drill and cannot endure any form of pain during procedures.

For instance, water laser dentistry allows our dentist in Sugarland, TX, to perform surgical, dental procedures without the use of anesthesia.

This is because apart from being minimally invasive, this form of laser dentistry eradicates pain, pressure, and discomfort during dental procedures. It incorporates the use of water jets to painless cool the surgical sight being exposed to the laser beam.

This means that our dentist can bypass the use of syringes, drills, and scalpels, which are challenging to utilize on our patients who suffer from dental anxiety or phobias.

What Dental Issues Can Be Remedied Using Laser Dentistry?

Our dentist has an advanced laser dentistry accreditation to perform the following laser dental procedures:

  • Nerve regeneration
  • Dealing with tooth sensitivity
  • Dental filling
  • Teeth whitening
  • Removal of benign tumors
  • During dental bonding in Sugarland, TX
  • Treating periodontal diseases
  • During root canal procedures
  • Dealing with gummy smiles
  • Treatment of canker sores
  • Treating gum inflammation
  • Conducting biopsies
  • Dealing with tooth decay

Types of Lasers

These are the two types of laser treatments available. These are:

Hard Tissue Laser Treatment
This form of laser treatment is utilized during dental procedures that deal with hard tissues such as teeth and bones. A hard tissue laser is designed to produce a wavelength that can effectively slice through your tooth structure, allowing it to cut into teeth and bone precisely.

Hard tissue laser treatment is used to:

  • Deal with cavities and tooth decay
  • Treat tooth sensitivity
  • Preparation of teeth for dental bonding in Sugarland
  • Perform laser cavity filling

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

This form of laser treatment is used during dental procedures that deal with soft tissue dental issues such as gum diseases.

Soft tissue lasers are designed to painlessly and precisely cut through soft tissues during dental procedures while concurrently promoting the sealing of uncovered blood vessels.

This means that you will experience less bleeding during your dental procedure, and your healing period will be drastically reduced.

This form of laser treatment can be utilized to:

  • Improve nerve regeneration
  • Perform gum reshaping to improve your smile
  • Treatment of mouth sores
  • Treating periodontal diseases and infections
  • Lengthening teeth crowns
  • Dealing with soft tissue folds that may occur due to poorly-fitting dentures or dental prosthetics
  • Treating restrictions in tongue movements that hinder feeding and speech in children

Benefits of Dental Laser Treatment

Some of the fantastic benefits of laser dentistry:

  • Rules out the need for anesthesia during selected dental procedures. This is particularly helpful during procedures involving patients who are anxious about the use of syringes
  • Dental procedures are painless and discomfort-free
  • Rules out the use of scalpels and dental drills which promote anxiety in patients suffering from dental phobia and anxiety
  • Promotes more rapid post-procedural tissue healing and regeneration
  • Promotes blood clotting during dental procedures thus reducing the amount of bleeding experienced by patients during dental procedures
  • Minimizes the occurrence of post-procedural bacterial infections, because it sterilizes the surgical site

It is essential to ascertain that the dentist you are working with has received the proper training and has an advanced laser dentistry accreditation like our dentist in Sugarland, TX, before getting a laser treatment procedure.

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