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Preventive Dentistry at Bella Smiles Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

We say that prevention is better than providing a cure. Preventative dentistry deals with maintaining good oral health care and preventing dental issues that may arise. You should maintain good oral hygiene practices such as regular brushing and flossing teeth in addition to professional teeth cleaning.

Our dental specialists at Bella Smiles Cosmetic and Family Dentistry highly recommend preventative dentistry since it fosters good oral health. Our preventive dentistry near you in Sugar Land, TX, involves:

Teeth Grinding or Bruxism Appliances

Grinding teeth can cause you to appear older than you are. It happens because of the loss in facial height when the teeth gradually get worn down. Even if you grind teeth once in a while, over time, it can significantly impact the teeth, resulting in severe wear. With many teeth worn down, it can cost you many dollars to repair since you need crowns for each tooth.

We provide a nightguard or bruxism appliance to cover the entire teeth within one arch. The piece is flat on the top. When you grind or clench your teeth, they contact the mouth protector, not your opposing teeth. This way, it helps prevent severe damage to the teeth.

Sleep Apnea Therapy

The National Sleep Foundation estimates that about 18 million adults Americans have sleep apnea. This serious disorder happens when your breathing halts and starts multiple times during sleep. Unfortunately, sleep apnea is likely to cause snoring, waking you several times at night to allow you to breathe. That is why you may feel fatigued all day though you had a complete night’s sleep. Luckily, our dentist can help with this condition.

We provide a mandibular repositioning device that places the lower jaw frontward and a little downward to keep the airway open while sleeping. Our preventive dentist in Sugar Land, TX, may also provide a tongue-retaining device that holds the tongue in position to prevent it from dropping backward and obstructing the airway.

Fluoride Dental Treatments

People prone to dental caries or cavities should consider getting fluoride dental treatment. It is a great way of preventing more cavities in patients who are already vulnerable. At Bella Smiles Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we offer fluoride treatment to adults and kids. The American Dental Association recommends that professional fluoride treatments be done at the dentist’s office every three to 12 months, depending on your oral health.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants significantly reduce patients’ risk of cavities and gum disease. Dental sealants protect the teeth from cavities for roughly five to 10 years if applied well and properly cared for. Tooth sealants provide a safe and lasting investment in protection against cavities. Talk to us about dental sealants on your next visit to our dental office.

Dental Exam & Cleanings

A major reason people have dental problems is that they don’t get dental exams and cleanings when required. You and your family should come to our office regularly for exams and cleanings, precisely every six months or more frequently, as we may advise you. During these visits, we perform prophylaxis to eradicate bacterial plaque, tartar, and other debris. This way, we prevent gingivitis and the serious forms of gum disease from arising or worsening.

Custom Sports Mouthguards

Indulging in sports could leave you with mouth injuries such as cut lips or tongue, broken or fractured teeth, and injured mouth tissues and jaw. For this reason, we advise people active in sports always to consider putting on sports mouthguards. We custom-make these mouthguards to fit your mouth properly, ensuring optimal protection and comfort.

Children’s Dentistry

How your child learns and maintains oral hygiene goes a long way in building a strong foundation for oral health. You should bring your little one to our dental office for an early assessment of their mouth.

Our dentist can catch dental issues when your kid is developing. This way, we can provide intervention measures to prevent further harm now and in the future. In our kids’ dentistry, we provide services such as:

Examining how the teeth are growing

Looking for cavities as well as gum disease

Examining how baby teeth are growing and their health since they play a huge role in holding space for the yet-to-erupt permanent teeth

Applying sealants to encase and protect the teeth from dental caries

Helping the kids learn how to floss, brush, and observe strict oral hygiene

Come for preventive dentistry near you at Bella Smiles Cosmetic and Family Dentistry and build all-around protection against dental diseases and other oral problems.

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