Protect Your Child’s Smile with Mouth Guards

Protect Your Child’s Smile with Mouth Guards

Nov 07, 2018

Children who are involved with sports are at much greater risk of accidentally breaking or damaging their teeth and gums. You should always encourage your young athlete to use a sports mouth guard in Sugar Land, TX.  They are custom fitted mouth guards that are becoming more popular every day as it is a great option for protecting teeth.  How does the guard work though?  It will spread out the force of an impact, helping to minimize injury to teeth and gums. It is fairly common for athletes who are involved in football, basketball, and more.

Mouth Guards Near You:

There are three types of mouthguards available for your child to make use of.  The first one is a stock mouth guard, but they are not the best for protecting teeth. This is because they are a one-size fits all guard that is not customized for your child’s mouth.

Another type would be the boil and bite option. This is sometimes called a thermoplastic guard. You boil the guard in water and then have the child bite down to create a semi-fitted guard feel. This is better than a stock guard because it’s at least somewhat fitted to your child’s particular mouth.

The best and third option is a custom fitted sports mouth guard. They do not affect speech or breathing. It is the best in terms of comfortability, and most dentists will recommend it over the other two.

Why Custom Guards?

There is a strong advantage with custom sports mouth guards, and that is because it is entirely designed to protect your child’s teeth against damage.  It can protect against chips or cracks. They can be great for professional athletes, but they are also designed to use for children who are participating in sports such as football and hockey.

Since they are designed for your child’s mouth, there is less chance of them coming out or apart during sports activities. They are also less likely to bother your child’s gums when they use them, especially if they have sensitive gums. They last a long time too, and can keep protecting your child’s mouth throughout their entire school sports career.

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