Things You Need to Know About Cosmetic Contouring

Things You Need to Know About Cosmetic Contouring

Nov 17, 2017

It’s all too common that the smile a person is born with is not the one they want. Uneven teeth or an otherwise less-than-attractive smile can be quite heartbreaking. If the way your teeth appear make you afraid to smile, or self-conscious around a camera, then perhaps teeth contouring is for you. First, here are some things you need to know about cosmetic dental contouring.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

Dental contouring typically involves one of, or both, of the following procedures: teeth reshaping and dental bonding. With teeth reshaping, the procedure is straightforward. Your dentist will use lasers or another dental tool to remove some of your tooth’s enamel to give it a more desirable shape.

Teeth bonding involves a slightly different process. Dental bonding involves applying a thin resin to your teeth which will stick to the surface and then harden. When combined with reshaping, this form of dental contouring can fill in cracks or chips, provide your teeth with a better shape, and even improve its brightness.

Teeth contouring is actually a quick procedure, especially in relation to other cosmetic treatments. In a single visit, it is possible to achieve the smile you have wanted your whole life.

What Are the Benefits?

An unattractive smile can negatively affect your self-esteem, which touches almost every area of your life. Having a smile that you are proud of can help you in your social relationships and even your mental health.

Surprisingly, though, teeth bonding and reshaping have more than just a superficial benefit. It can actually improve the bite of your mouth and reduce the damage that may have developed over time from a bad bite, teeth grinding, or even decay.

To learn more about cosmetic teeth contouring and reshaping and how it can help improve the look and health of your smile, contact Bella Smiles Cosmetic and Family Dentistry today!

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