Top 5 Sleep Apnea Myths

Top 5 Sleep Apnea Myths

Jun 05, 2018

Our Bella Smiles dentist, Dr. Gibson, is prepared to offer you a variety of services for all your oral health needs. Sleep apnea is a common condition among many of our patients, and we provide treatments plans for each individual patient. However common it may be, there are still many misconceptions regarding sleep apnea. Continue reading on to learn about 5 sleep apnea myths.

  • Sleep apnea is caused primarily by obesity. Obesity may increase your risk of sleep apnea due to the limited amount of space left in your throat from more fatty tissues. This doesn’t mean that only obese persons acquire sleep apnea.
  • Snoring means you have sleep apnea. Snoring is a common sign of someone that has sleep apnea. Snoring doesn’t mean that an individual automatically has sleep apnea. This is often a sign that something is not quite right.
  • The more you sleep – the better! Much like undersleeping, oversleeping is bad for your health. Talk to your doctor to see how much sleep you should be getting at your age.
  • Children rarely experience sleep apnea. Almost one-third of obese children suffer from sleep apnea. It is more common than we think. This is why it is vital to check in on your child’s sleeping patterns and to see a doctor if you notice any unusual signs.
  • Wearing a CPAP mask makes you look unattractive. Using your CPAP will increase your mood and alertness levels. This allows you to look fresh and well-rested. Your eyes and skin will feel and look great by taking good care of them.

For more information regarding sleep apnea and available treatment options, contact our Bella Smiles office.

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