Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Sugar Land, TX

Root canal therapy treats diseased or abscessed teeth. Once a tooth is injured, cracked or decayed and the nerve(pulp) is involved, it is necessary to open the tooth and clean out the infected nerve tissue.

Why Root Canal Procedures?

When the pulp is exposed and damaged from trauma or decay, it becomes infected. Left untreated, the infection can spread to the gums, leading to gum disease and other oral health issues. A root canal procedure from our Sugar Land dental office is a way for us to prevent these complications from occurring.

During a root canal procedure, the infected nerve tissues are removed, followed by a thorough cleaning, disinfecting, filling, and sealing of the area. Typically, we will place dental crown over the treated area to prevent re-infection and protect and strengthen the weakened tooth.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy in Sugar Land, TX

  • Prevents infection from spreading to your nearby teeth and gums.
  • Reduces any pain or discomfort in the affected tooth.
  • A simple treatment that offers little to no discomfort.

If you’re experiencing severe discomfort in a damaged tooth, it may be time for a root canal. Book an appointment with Bella Smiles Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Sugar Land, TX today to restore a healthy, pain-free smile!