Everything You Need to Know About Orthodontic Braces

Everything You Need to Know About Orthodontic Braces

Dec 18, 2018

Does your smile suffer from overcrowded, gapped, misaligned or even crooked teeth? Wish there was a way to improve your overbite, underbite or even open bite? At Bella Smiles, our dentist is proud to offer various options when it comes to braces in Sugar Land, TX. For those interested in a more discrete option, Clear Braces can be a wonderful option. For those interested in finishing orthodontic treatment quickly, Fast Braces may be a better one. Interested in orthodontic treatment? Schedule your orthodontic consultation in Sugar Land today. We’d be more than happy to fit you on our schedule.

Why Braces?

Did you know that have malpositioned teeth and bites can impact way more than just the appearance of your smile? Patients with overcrowded, crooked, misaligned, gapped and otherwise imperfect teeth tend to have a harder to properly brushing, allowing debris, plaque and bacteria to thrive in the mouth. Having malpositioned teeth and bites can also impact the function of a patient’s smile, leading to discomfort, speech issues and even complications with properly eating food. Ready to start your orthodontic treatment in Sugar Land? Let us know today.

Sugar Land Clear Braces

At Bella Smiles, we are proud to offer clear braces in Sugar Land, TX for our patients that are interested in a discrete orthodontic treatment option. Clear braces treatment involves wearing custom-made aligners for at least 22 hours a day. Clear aligners can be removed so the patient can eat, drink and perform proper at-home dental care.

Fast Braces Sugar Land

For our patients interested in quick orthodontic treatment, Bella Smiles is happy to offer fast braces in Sugar Land, TX. Fast braces in 77478 use different technology than traditional metal braces, allowing the teeth to be shifted quicker and with less friction.

Visit Our Orthodontist in Sugar Land, TX Today

Considering fast braces near you? Ready to start your orthodontic treatment in Sugar Land? Schedule your appointment with Bella Smiles today, we are always welcoming new smiles into our practice and would be happy to evaluate your oral health to determine if our Orthodontic treatment in Sugar Land, TX are the right option for improving your smile.

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