Dental Emergencies 101: The In-Depth Guide to What They Are and How to Prepare for Them

Dental Emergencies 101: The In-Depth Guide to What They Are and How to Prepare for Them

Sep 20, 2021

Dental emergencies have a knack for catching you when you least expect. You could be out shopping, at work, or even enjoying some time out with your family and friends, and in minutes, you need emergency dental care.

Dental emergencies can escalate rapidly, and that is why you need to seek emergency dental procedures since they are time-sensitive. However, you can never pinpoint when you can have a dental emergency. So, you might not be able to call prior to schedule an appointment with our dentist. You are most likely going to be a walk-in patient.

But is there a way to ease the pressure when you are in a dental emergency? Let’s find out!

How to Prepare for a Dental Emergency

Preparing for a dental emergency is always best than waiting to react during one. This is because every minute counts if you are to get prompt treatment. You might not have time during such a scenario, and you might be too panicked to think straight. Here are some things you can look into as you prepare:

  • Where to Go In Case of a Dental Emergency

It is always prudent to know where you can get emergency dental services beforehand. This would mean that you will have to find a reliable dentist who can perform emergency dental procedures on you.

It would be challenging to search for a reliable dentist in the thick of things. You will be panicky, impatient, and you are likely going to make a mistake. The situation can be worse in minutes.

Take your time, research and get the contacts of our emergency dentist near you to ensure that your loved ones will be treated in case of an emergency.

  • When to Seek Dental Services

It is essential to know when to look for an emergency dentist. Not every issue can be considered a dental emergency. You will need to know what issues can be considered as a dental emergency.

As a general rule of thumb, seek emergency services if the dental problem cannot wait for a regular dental appointment. But, if you can wait a day, then you are not in a dental emergency.

Indicators of a Dental Emergency

Some indicators that can help you ascertain whether you are in a dental emergency or not are:

  • Your jaw is locked
  • You have a persistent toothache
  • You have a swelling on your face and jaw
  • You have knocked out tooth
  • Your tooth is fractured or broken
  • You have persistent bleeding within or around your mouth
  • You have an infection

Some of the Common Issues Considered as Dental Emergencies

Some of the issues that might bring you to see our emergency dentist may include:

  • A Knocked-out Tooth

In most cases, a tooth gets knocked out because of trauma. If this happens to you or a loved one, make your way to our practice within 30 minutes. This is because there is a higher probability for the knocked-out tooth to be reattached. However, the chances dwindle very fast.

  • An Abscessed Tooth

This describes a tooth that has an infected root. The infection can be life-threatening and needs to be dealt with immediately. The infection can get to other parts of your body and then led to other overall health issues.

You will notice that you have an infection if you have gum inflammation, foul breath, toothache, fever, and tooth sensitivity. Our emergency dentist will drain the pus and treat the infection.

  • Cuts and Lacerations

Cuts in your mouth are considered dental emergencies since they can result in excessive blood loss. Try rinsing your mouth with salty water, and then make your way to our practice.

  • Fractured, Broken or Chipped Teeth

If your tooth is broken and you are in pain or bleeding, you need to make your way to our office to get checked. If you don’t get treated, you can get an infection, or the fracture could increase, leading to further complications.

Hopefully, you will never be in a dental emergency. However, if you are in one, you can contact our dentist at Bella Smiles to get emergency dental care.

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